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Our Services

The Walsh Group offers seamlessly integrated services to plan, finance, build, operate and maintain the full life-cycle of a project. Each of our projects demand unique, client-focused solutions, built on the solid knowledge-base we’ve developed from our diverse portfolio. The result is a broad range of multi-faceted services – executed via a proven, highly disciplined process.


The Walsh Springboard Preconstruction System is a collaborative, robust and resource-rich program that facilitates effective communication between project stakeholders to launch informed, timely decisions. This process ensures an effective and efficient use of energy and effort that culminates in meeting project goals and client expectations.

The traditional approach to preconstruction typically limits client services to an estimate, a schedule and logistics plan. Our approach extends these into a system of tools that defines a more holistic and predictable preconstruction process that achieves better results and generates greater value. In addition to developing estimating, scheduling and logistics plans, our system involves:



    • Programming Analysis
    • Cost Benchmarking
    • Schedule Benchmarking


    • Cost Modeling
    • Control Estimate
    • Contingency Development


    • Safety Plan Development
    • Design & Constructability Review
    • QA/QC Review
    • Logistic & Phasing Development
    • Document Control
    • Schedule Sequencing & Development


    • Sustainability & Life Cycle Reviews
    • Value Analysis & Value Enhancement


    • Bid Packaging & Procurement
    • Subcontractor Qualifications


Over the years, we have demonstrated our commitment to implementing the best construction practices and sustainable features through a proven track record of delivering high-quality design build projects across multiple sectors. Walsh has completed more than 300 design-build projects totaling more than $10 billion and is consistently ranked as one of the largest design-build firms by Engineering-News Record.

Employing a committed partnering philosophy between our design team and subcontractors on every design-build project, Walsh has consistently been successful in providing cost effective and high-quality construction that deliver the best value for clients.

Completed over


design-build projects totaling more than $10 billion.

Select Projects Highlighting Our Design-Build

Select Design-Build Projects

Ohio River Bridge – Downtown Crossing

Ohio River Bridge – Downtown Crossing

Women’s College Hospital

Women’s College Hospital

I-540 Western Wake Freeway

I-540 Western Wake Freeway

Public-Private Partnerships

Walsh is a leader in the construction sectors where public-private partnerships are most prevalent, including roads and bridges, water treatment and supply, airports, correctional facilities, government office buildings, healthcare, and mass transit/rail. Walsh has completed more than 25 projects to date, with combined experience that includes designing, building, financing and leasing back public infrastructure projects in the United States.


    Through our dedicated development and asset management businesses, our affiliated company Walsh Investors, LLC and Walsh Infrastructure Management (operations and maintenance), we are able to align our interests with sponsoring agencies and show our long-term commitment to the project through all facets of delivery and operations.


    Financial strength and scale are attributes that provide project partners with maximum assurance that Walsh can be relied upon to meet all obligations, both over the short and long term. With revenues in excess of $4 billion, no corporate debt and consistent reinvestment of profits, Walsh has one of the strongest balance sheets among U.S. contractors.


    Walsh is active in the U.S. and Canadian P3 markets, affording access to a broad network of lenders and underwriters to achieve the lowest cost of funding and maximum value for the money. Financing solutions we have structured include broadly marketed bonds, narrowly marketed private placements, short term bank and bond debt, equity bridge loans, mini-perm bank loans, subordinated debt, Private Activity Bonds, TIFIA loans, and more.

Select Projects Highlighting Our Public-Private Partnerships

Select Public-Private Partnerships

Ohio River Bridge – East End Crossing

Ohio River Bridge – East End Crossing

Pennsylvania Rapid Bridge Replacement

Pennsylvania Rapid Bridge Replacement

VA Loma Linda Ambulatory Care Center

VA Loma Linda Ambulatory Care Center

Operations & Maintenance

For many years, Walsh has performed operations and maintenance services for roadways during largescale reconstruction programs; facilities as required by design, build, operate, maintain (DBOM) contracts; and direct performance of operations and maintenance for the term of P3 projects.

As the North American P3 market continues to expand and mature, the long-term Operations and Maintenance component has become increasingly critical to the successful delivery of P3 projects. Walsh has established and implemented comprehensive O&M systems, processes and innovative ideas; using our understanding of managing life-cycle analysis and its critical role in meeting long-term project goals.

We recognize that the skills, systems and processes required to effectively maintain assets over their life-cycle are critical to providing effective maintenance services. We understands our clients’ long-term asset management goals and help clients realize their objectives by focusing on activities to minimize or reverse asset deterioration while safely performing daily operational functions.


  • Incident response
  • Natural disaster response management
  • Pavement management/repair
  • Snow and ice control
  • Vegetation management
  • Bridge management and repairs
  • Full fence-to-fence asset management/maintenance
  • Capital work for life-cycle rehabilitation or severe damage repair
  • Intelligent Transportation Systems (ITS)
  • NBIS Inspections

Walsh Logistics

Walsh Logistics offers an extensive suite of services to our clients which range throughout the project schedule from programming to post occupancy in order to deliver a fully operational building. Our team works collaboratively with our clients' staff to facilitate informed decisions into an integrated planning and delivery process. We understand the challenges you must overcome to successfully activate your facilities. Walsh Logistics has the expertise and capabilities with our integrated package of work streams to rapidly respond to project requirements, meet project schedule constraints and efficiently execute these services for small and large complex facilities projects. Our unparalleled integrated approach delivers turnkey solutions to activate your facility and for enhanced operational readiness.


- Planning, Procurement, Purchasing Furniture, Fixtures & Equipment (FF&E)
- Installation, Testing & Training FF&E
- Re-use FF&E Validation
- Transition Planning & Execution Services
- Decommissioning
- Warehouse Management
- Integrated Master Schedule Management
- Turnover & Closeout
- Post Occupancy Evaluation.

Walsh Logistics began as a healthcare-related feature but has evolved into a service for all market sectors. Our services transcend building sectors, reinvents customer services, and demonstrates Walsh’s ability to provide services within an already fully-developed facility.

Select Projects Highlighting Outfitting

Select Outfitting Projects

Carl R. Darnall Army Medical Center

Carl R. Darnall Army Medical Center

Palos Community Hospital – Oncology Clinic

Palos Community Hospital – Oncology Clinic

Chemical Defense Replacement Laboratory

Chemical Defense Replacement Laboratory

Lean Construction

Walsh has adopted the Lean philosophy in pursuit of continuous quality improvement, including the elimination of waste and any non-value-added elements throughout the design and construction process. Lean project delivery is a culture. It is a way of thinking that requires focusing on quality improvement through increased efficiency and productivity. Success ultimately resides in the people and the values of the organization.


    Owner, designer, contractor and subcontractors collaborate on the design and construction process from start through completion.


    We schedule material deliveries at the last responsible moment directly to the installation point to avoid double handling.


    We establish final project cost between all parties. We find an equivalent value-added solution if additional costs/conditions arise.


    All construction members collaborate on project schedule to reduce cycle times and increase productivity. We “pull” tasks through the schedule by determining what each contractor needs completed before they can begin.


    We develop multiple concept designs based on the client’s guiding principles. Cross-discipline review teams analyze concepts against those principles and select the best design to utilize.


    We locate the owner, design team and contractor onsite to provide instantaneous solutions and work towards a common goal.


Walsh is highly experienced in utilizing green design and construction practices to assist our customers in creating environmentally conscious facilities. Our innovative solutions support sustainability through socially responsible, economically viable best practices.

We have partnered on numerous projects built to achieve LEED certification. Our approach to sustainability has led Engineering News-Record to consistently rank our company among the nation’s largest green building contractors In recent years, Walsh has completed multiple LEED-certified projects and is working on numerous projects to be registered with the U.S. Green Building Council. Recently, the LaGuardia Airport Terminal B redevelopment project was awarded the Envision Platinum award, recognizing the project for its industry leading approach to sustainability and resilience. The award is the highest level of recognition within The Institute for Sustainable Infrastructure’s (ISI) awards program.

Our commitment to sustainability is also evident in the completion of our LEED Platinum corporate headquarters expansion, an existing warehouse repurposed into a four-story, 93,000-square-foot office building. As a LEED Platinum facility, many of the finishes contained in the building utilize sustainable, recycled, non-toxic and low-emitting materials, as well as partially localized environmental control.

With more than 300 LEED Accredited Professionals on staff, Walsh is able to dedicate a sustainability expert to serve as a liaison who works closely with each customer.

Select Projects Highlighting Our Green Design

Select Green Design Projects

Walsh Group Headquarters Expansion

Walsh Group Headquarters Expansion

Tarrant County College – Energy Technology Center

Tarrant County College – Energy Technology Center

University of Iowa – Pappajohn Biomedical Discovery Building

University of Iowa – Pappajohn Biomedical Discovery Building


Walsh has a vast supply of corporate resources, including an equipment fleet valued at $750 million and a staff of more than 8,000 professional personnel. Through these resources, Walsh is capable of self-performing large portions of work, including demolition, excavation, trucking, carpentry, sewer work, water mains, site survey, site engineering, concrete, post tension, masonry, earthwork and steel erection.

When opportunity permits, Walsh prefers to utilize its own employees and equipment. Self-performed work has a direct and positive impact on the project schedule, quality and cost when considering the complexity of work, quality and availability of the subcontractor market, and the workload of our individual forces.

We store and maintain our equipment fleet in a 75,000-square-foot state-of-the-art maintenance facility located on a 66-acre site with water access to the Chicago River. A tractor/lowboy trailer fleet is also dispatched from this location and capable of moving our equipment nationwide, from region to region, project to project.

Our fleet is a strategic, capital-intensive investment that better serves the schedule demands of our owners, and maximizes the most value-added, cost-effective equipment solutions.

Equipment fleet
valued at



A staff of more than


professional personnel

Building Information Modeling

With Building Information Modeling (BIM) and Virtual Design and Construction (VDC), Walsh is leading the industry away from traditional 2D construction drawings and replacing them with 3D virtual models.

Walsh has embraced BIM on nearly all of its complex projects over the last 10 years. BIM increases efficiencies, reduces late changes during the course of construction, minimizes rework that results in additional cost or extensions to the construction schedule, and improves operational efficiencies throughout the life of the building.

Our BIM department has grown into an experienced staff across all parts of operations: business development, preconstruction, estimating, project management and field layout. In fact, our staff helped to write the industry’s first contractual BIM Addendum for contractors working with designers in a BIM environment (ConsensusDocs 301 Building Information Modeling Addendum). We were one of three builders who provided in-depth expertise in drafting the Army Corps BIM requirements for facility management BIM deliverables for all Center of Standardization buildings.

Working with in-house BIM experts, design teams and subcontractors, Walsh developed one of the industry’s most comprehensive BIM models on the $1.3 billion LAX Tom Bradley International Terminal.

Select Projects Highlighting Our Building Information Modeling

Select Building Information Modeling Projects

Los Angeles International Airport

Los Angeles International Airport

Sherman Replacement Hospital

Sherman Replacement Hospital

VA Cares Consolidated Phase 2 Ambulatory Care Center

VA Cares Consolidated Phase 2 Ambulatory Care Center



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